Gulf International Bank GIB SAUDI ARABIA


  • Founded Date January 1, 1975
  • Sectors Financial Services
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Company Description

Established in 1975, Gulf International Bank GIB Saudi Arabia offers wholesale banking services and operates under the regulation of the Central Bank of Bahrain. The primary shareholder is Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, representing the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Since 1999, GIB has expanded operations in Saudi Arabia, serving as a foreign bank with branches in Dhahran, Riyadh, and Jeddah. Notably, in April 2019, GIB achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first foreign bank to transform its branches into a local commercial bank, GIB Saudi Arabia. This transformation, approved by the Saudi Council of Ministers in May 2017, marked a strategic move supported by equal ownership from the Saudi Public Investment Fund and GIB B.S.C., boasting a paid-up capital of SR 7.5 billion.

Situated in the Eastern Province, Gulf International Bank GIB Saudi Arabia embodies a pioneering presence. Notably, it is dedicated to innovation, leveraging regional expertise and international outreach to position itself as a trusted business partner. The Bank prominently showcases its digital advantage in both wholesale and retail banking, with GIB Capital, its subsidiary based in Riyadh, taking the lead in driving investment banking activities. Furthermore, GIB’s commitment to technological advancement underscores its forward-thinking approach in the financial landscape.

Moreover, GIB strategically extends its services globally, utilizing GIB B.S.C. in Bahrain and the UAE, alongside GIB UK Ltd in London and New York. This expansive approach underscores the bank’s commitment to international reach and diversified operations. In 2014, the bank introduced ‘meem,’ the world’s first Shariah-compliant digital bank in Saudi Arabia, showcasing a commitment to providing innovative and comprehensive retail products in adherence to Shariah principles.

Team Members (3)

  • Engr. Abdulla bin Mohammed Al Zamil


  • Dr. Najem bin Abdulla Al Zaid

    Vice Chairman

  • Helen Lloyd Chief

    Human Resources Officer