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  • Founded Date January 1, 1977
  • Sectors Financial Services
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Company Description

Banque Saudi Fransi BSF is a Saudi Arabian Joint Stock Company established by Royal Decree No. M/23 dated June 1977. Our objective is to provide all types of commercial banking services to both domestic and international customers. BSF seeks lasting, personalized partnerships, fostering loyalty through expertise, service quality, and innovative financial solutions. As a corporate citizen, the bank supports Saudi government’s economic reform and development efforts, strengthening the economy and community welfare. In collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs, Banque Saudi Fransi backs programs to unify charitable organizations, offering donations and engaging in media campaigns for social awareness. The memorandum encourages exchanging ideas on charity, building cooperation bridges between private and public sectors.
Banque Saudi Fransi (BSF), established by Royal Decree No. M/23 in June 1977, provides comprehensive commercial banking services locally and globally. Committed to enduring partnerships, BSF fosters loyalty through recognized banking expertise, impeccable service, and innovative financial solutions. Aligned with Saudi government efforts, the bank contributes to economic fortification and community welfare. Banque Saudi Fransi’s commitment extends to societal progress through collaborations and developmental initiatives.

This collaborative pact serves as a conduit for the Bank’s support towards the Ministry’s programs and activities. Notably, the Bank aids in consolidating the endeavors of various charitable organizations. It is extending support through diverse donations, and actively participating in media campaigns designed to bolster social awareness.

Moreover, the memorandum outlines the mutual commitment to the exchange of ideas pertaining to charitable works, fostering a collaborative spirit. It aspires to construct bridges of cooperation, bridging the private and public sectors for the greater good. Banque Saudi Fransi’s involvement goes beyond the realm of banking, portraying a holistic dedication to social responsibility and contributing to the broader tapestry of national development.

Team Members (3)

  • Mazin Abdulrazzak AlRomaih


  • Talal Ibrahim Al Maiman

    Vice Chairman

  • May AlHoshan

    Head of Human Resources

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