• Founded Date January 1, 1977
  • Sectors Agriculture and Food Processing
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Company Description

Almarai Company, known as “شركة المراعي” in Arabic, stands as a prominent Saudi multinational dairy enterprise, publicly traded on the Tadawul stock exchange. Its core expertise lies in the domain of food and beverage manufacturing and distribution, with its principal headquarters nestled in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Established in 1977 by Irish siblings Alastair McGuckian, Paddy McGuckian, and Prince Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer, Almarai embarked on its journey when infrastructure for milk production and distribution was scant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Prince Sultan discerned the potential for enhancing milk production quality and logistics in the region and the broader Middle East. Consequently, Almarai strategically established several facilities across Saudi Arabia, initially assisting local farmers in milk production and distribution.

Transitioning into the early 1990s, Almarai underwent a transformative phase characterized by restructuring and reinvestment, transitioning from a decentralized to a centralized operational model. This transformation saw the replacement of five decentralized processing plants with a singular central processing facility. Additionally, the company opted to replace ten small dairy farms dispersed across Saudi Arabia with four expansive dairy farms located in Al Kharj, situated in the central region.

This strategic overhaul not only streamlined operations but also bolstered efficiency and scalability, positioning Almarai as a leading player in the dairy industry within the Saudi Arabian market and beyond. Moreover, it underscored the company’s commitment to continual improvement and innovation, laying a robust foundation for sustained growth and success in the dynamic landscape of food and beverage manufacturing and distribution.

Team Members (3)

  • HH Prince Naif Bin Sultan bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al Kabeer

    Chairman of the Board

  • Sulaiman A.K. Al Muhaidib

    Vice Chairman

  • Adel Alenezi

    HR Officer