Scholarship at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

Scholarship opportunity in KAUST Saudi Arabia worth $75,000 per year, this includes:

  1. Free Tuition ($35,000)
  2. On-Campus Housing
  3. Medical Insurance ($15,000)
  4. Living Allowance ($25,000-$30,000 A YEAR)
  5. Relocation costs (including visa & airfare)

This opportunity is available for all countries. KAUST programs focus on areas of food, water, environment, and energy. University’s main MS and Ph.D. programs are:

1- Biological & Environment Science & Engineering

KAUST is offering scholarships for MS and Ph.D. in the field of Biological & Environment Science & Engineering. Programs available for Biological & Environment Science & Engineering are:

  1. Bioscience
  2. Plant Science
  3. Bioengineering
  4. Environmental Science and Engineering
  5. Marine Science

2-Computer, Electrical & Mathematical Science

For Computer, Electrical & Mathematical Science KAUST is offering scholarships for the below programs:

  1. Applied Mathematics & Computation Science
  2. Electrical Engineering
  3. Computer Science
  4. Statistics

3- Physical Science & Engineering

KAUST available programs for Physical Science & Engineering are:

  1. Applied Physics
  2. Chemical Engineering
  3. Chemical Science
  4. Energy Resources and Petroleum Engineering
  5. Earth Science and Engineering
  6. Material Science and Engineering
  7. Mechanical Engineering

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