Housekeeping & Cleaning Jobs in Singapore    

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  • USD 100-800 $ / Month
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Jedegal Int`L Manpower Services, Incorporated

Housekeeping & Cleaning Jobs in Singapore. Jedegal Int`L Manpower Services, Incorporated is a well-reputed foreign recruiting agency that hires employees for the desired company from all around the world. It is one of the well-known foreign services companies in the Philippines. It has a huge network of services with multinational companies. The network of the agency spans many countries for the recruiting of manpower for different companies. The agency hires candidates for Asia, Europe, Australia, America, South America & Africa.  Recently the agency is seeking to hire housekeepers and cleaners for Singapore. Singapore is a prosperous country in Asia with a strong economy. Singapore welcomes international business to its country that’s why many sectors create job opportunities every year. The housekeeping sector of Singapore hires thousands of candidates every year on very good salary packages. For this position, the company gives SGD600 per month & with the passage of time the company will increase the salary. It also gives bonuses & incentives. The candidates who are interested can apply online for this job. The HR department of the agency will shortlist & hire the candidates after the application process. See further details of the job below.


  • Housekeeper / Cleaner


  • SGD 600


  • Cleaning of home use things like TV, decorations, furniture & other stuff
  • Dishwashing includes all the utensils of daily use in the kitchen and on the table
  • To handle and perform daily house tasks, like maintaining food items in the fridge and overseeing the Rashan in order to tell the boss before finishing
  • Cleaning of floors & bathrooms on a daily basis
  • Washing the clothes once a week, or sometimes twice

Do you know how demanding & easy housekeeping job is?

Housekeeping is one of the most demanding jobs in the world. As we all know better the world is quite busy & everyone is doing the job. The people have less time to manage their housework with their job. So to manage the home works with their jobs they have to hire a person for housekeeping.

In every prosperous country, every adult in the house is earning. To do so they have to go for a job which creates the opportunity for a person who is wishing to be a part of this easy job. Is housekeeping easy? The answer is yes! because you have to manage everything in the house. You don’t have to go here and there. Everything is in the house, you have to manage it just. If you want to like such easy jobs you can also see domestic helper housekeeping jobs in Hong Kong as well  


  • Since you live with a family, so your food is also with them. You don’t need to worry about it or its expense
  • Your accommodation is also in that home. So is this case also you don’t need to worry
  • Another benefit is that your salary is totally saved. The reason is that you don’t have to spend a penny on your basic needs.
  • After getting work experience in the housekeeping you can also move to any other country with more attractive salary packages
  • Like Japan, which hires thousands of careworkers every year for ¥189,700-¥250,000 salary. You can also visit Japanese careworkers’ jobs

How to apply:

  • The interested candidates need to apply online through the apply button on this page in order to further enhance the application process.
  • After applying button, fill in the application properly as per the required fields so that your credentials are evaluated according to the nature of the job and the authenticity of the documents as well for this job.
  • The HR team of our agency will check your online application and after checking your eligibility they will contact you after the submission of the application for hiring.
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