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Hotel Cleaning Jobs in Japan. Japan is one of the developed countries in Asia that hires foreign workers from all around the world every year. It hires foreign workers to fulfill its manpower in different industries. Recently, Japan is looking to hire hotel cleaning staff.  Hoteling is a prominent industry in Japan that serves tourists. This industry hires thousands of workers every year on very good salary packages. The hotels of Japan create career opportunities and promote its employee to a higher level with the passage of time. Candidates who are interested can apply online for this job. Quick visa quick process. The HR department of the agency will shortlist & hire the candidates after the application process. See further details of the job below.


  • Hotel Cleaning Staff


  • ¥1,200 Hourly


  • Cleaning of rooms
  • Main hall cleaning
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Floors
  • Windows
  • Bathrooms
  • All cleaning-related duties


  • Japan gives a higher number of PRs to foreign workers. After working for some time, you are eligible to apply for it easily
  • The cleaning industry gives attractive salary packages
  • After the experience, you can start your application for any other job related to cleaning job in Japan
  • The cleaning industries of Japan give career benefits
  • Another benefit is that your salary is totally high as compared to other low-tier professions and skills
  • After getting work experience in caregiving, you can also move to any other country in this profession with more attractive salary packages
  • While doing work in Japan you can also switch to any other job here. See more jobs we offer:
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  • Cleaning

Do the industries of Japan give career benefits:

Yes. Being a prosperous country, the hoteling industry of Japan gives career benefits to its working class. They give a lot of benefits including labor & health insurance. Every industry has its own rule & regulation and as per its rule, it gives such benefits like labor and health insurance. It is up to a particular company, industry, hotel & factory that what benefits they offer to its working class, but overall human development is preferred.

How to apply:

  • Interested candidates need to apply online through the apply button on this page.
  • After applying button fill in the application for this job for the further recruitment process
  • The HR team will contact you after the submission of the application for hiring
  • For more jobs visit:

Apply soon after the publication of the advertisement.


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