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Beekeeper Jobs in Australia. Principalia Management and Personnel Consultants, Inc is a well-reputed foreign recruiting agency that hires employees for the desired company from all around the world. The network of the agency spans many countries for the recruiting of manpower for different companies. Recently the agency is seeking to hire Beekeepers for Australia. The beekeeping industry of Australia hires thousands of candidates every year on very good salary packages. The candidates who are interested can apply online for this job. Quick visa quick process. The HR department of the agency will shortlist & hire the candidates after the application process. See further details of the job below.


  • Beekeeper


  • AUD 3,000-5,000


  • Maintaining the boxes of Bees
  • Shifting the bee boxes as per season change
  • Look after the bees on a daily basis
  • Bringing the honey out of the box
  • Send the Honey to the warehouse after getting from the boxes
  • Report daily & monthly progress of honey
  • Guide other staff in beekeeping form about beekeeping
  • Prepare new boxes as per beekeeping standards

Is beekeeping easy and money-making?

Beekeeping is one of the most demanding jobs in Australia. As we all know better beekeeping is a quite profitable business that gets huge profits. Beekeeping is not a big deal. Anyone can handle it easily. You get familiar with all sorts of work within a week. It includes shifting honey, getting out honey & transferring the bee boxes with the season changes.

Australia earns millions of Dollars every year from this beekeeping industry. For fulfilling its own honey demand & exporting demand, Australia needs beekeepers to keep the industry running. For this purpose, it hires thousands of workers every year for the smooth running of its economy.

Beekeeping is very easy, even a naïve person can be a beekeeper. It includes maintaining bee boxes, getting out honey, and changing or shifting the boxes as per season change. The whole process takes about one week to understand how the bees are kept. So what are you waiting for? Join this industry as a keeper. Apply online now. You can also explore more jobs in Australia. Other professions are also waiting for you, visit


  • The PR is just near to you. After working for 2 years, you will get it easily
  • The beekeeping industry gives attractive salary packages
  • After the experience, you can start your own Farm
  • Your accommodation is also on the farm. You don’t need to worry about it
  • Another benefit is that your salary is totally high as compared to other low-tier professions and skills
  • After getting work experience in beekeeping you can also move to any other country in this profession with more attractive salary packages
  • While doing work in Australia you can also switch to any other job here. See more jobs we offer
  • Driving is also a demanding profession in Australia that gives more than a $5,000 salary, check


  • Beekeeping/ Bee Farming

How to apply:

  • The interested candidates need to apply online through the apply button on this page.
  • After applying button fill in the application for this job for the further recruitment process
  • The HR team will contact you after the submission of the application for hiring
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