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Top 5 International Successful Jobs in 2022

The top 5 international successful jobs in 2022 are different in the different countries of the world. However, leading successful jobs provides good salary packages, a flexible working schedule, a comfortable working environment, and above all, it is without any stress or pressure. But, all jobs have some benefits or advantages and few demerits, but they all go along. There are many jobs of an international level, which offer good salaries, but stressful working conditions. Here, we have the top 5 internationally successful jobs in 2022.

1. Dentist job

A Dentist is concerned with oral hygiene and treats teeth issues. A dentist deals with all kinds of teeth and gums problems. There are several issues concerning a dentist like addressing tooth decay, filling cavities, inspecting x-rays, making level teeth, and repairing fractured teeth. There are several teeth and gums issues linked to the dentist. A dentist also deals in oral and maxillofacial surgeries. The majority of dentists work four to five days per week. However, the working environment of this job is very comfortable and protects the dentist from harsh environmental conditions. The unemployment ratio of dentist jobs is just 0.7%.


Dentists contain Master’s or bachelor’s degrees in dentistry from dental colleges or universities. Moreover, they have a valid dental license. However, other than this BDS they have specialization degrees in this field.

Dentist salary package

Dentists earn different in different countries, but an average detest salary package is about $149,000 a year. However, the lowest range of dentist salary packages is$73,000 a year. But, the top-ranked dentist earns more than $187,000 a year. Many factors affect the salary package like job location, experience, skills, working hours, etc. The followings are a few dentist specialties and relevant salaries.

  • Oral and maxillofacial surgeons – more than $190,000
  • Orthodontists – more than $190,000
  • Prosthodontists – $169,000
  • General dentists – $145,000
  • Other specialists – $$155,000

2. Registered Nurse (RN)

Registered nurses jobs enlisted in successful jobs around the world. There are many issues linked with the registered nurse as care and cure of patients. Registered nurses check patients, get a medical history, assist doctors, administer medicines, and follow up with the patients during the treatment. Nurse guides the patients regarding their health, and injuries and educates people about health problems. Roistered nurse works in a clean and safe environment that protects them from environmental conditions. The unemployment ratio of registered nurse jobs is just 2.0%.


The registered nurse is usually equipped with a nursing degree from a registered and recognized nursing school. However, nurses often contain the following degrees or qualifications.

  • Certificate from a hospital school of nursing
  • Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (BSN)

Registered nurse salary package

Although nurse salary package varies from place to place, an average nursing salary is $66,000 per year. However, an experienced registered nurse earns more than $95,000 per year. The following salary structure indicates different nurses’ salaries.

  • A registered nurse in Government $68,000
  • A registered nurse in Hospitals $67,000
  • The registered nurse in Home health $62,000
  • A registered nurse at Nursing homes and care facilities $59,000
  • A registered nurse at Doctor’s office costs $58,000

Besides this salary, the registered nurses also get educational compensation, childcare, and bonuses.

3. Pharmacist

Pharmacists prescribe medicines to patients after diagnosing by the physician. A pharmacist also informs the patients about the dosage, side effects, and cautions of a medicine. The pharmacist’s services are required by the pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies. However, the majority of pharmacists work in drugstores, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and health units. A pharmacist also advises on diets, and experience and provides information about health care medicine. Pharmacists are also inducted by pharmaceuticals to manufacture the medicine according to their precise formulas. A pharmacist job is the most demanded job in the world and is included in an international successful jobs list. The unemployment ratio of pharmacist jobs is just 3.2%.


Pharmacist contains Pharmacy degree that is B. Pharmacy or M. Pharmacy. Similarly, pharmacists are equipped with MPhil and Ph.D. degrees in pharmacy.

Pharmacist salary package

There are different salary packages in various countries and even within the country. The average salary package is $142,773, but the salary ranges between $134,522 and $152,073.

4. Computer Systems Analyst

In this era of computer literacy and information technology is vital for all kinds of organizations. Computer systems analysts are concerned with computers’ technology, software, and hardware. A computer systems analyst solves the issues regarding the computer. The system expert provides his services in business management, engineering, scientific, accounting, or financial systems. This professional does different jobs and fulfills the need of the customers. This job enlisted in the top international successful jobs list. A computer systems analyst’s working conditions are comfortable, but this job is often available in offices and software houses. The unemployment ratio of Computer analyst jobs is just 2.5%.


Computer systems analyst job enlisted in the professional jobs list. That is why computer analyst often has a professional degree in software, computer science, and management information systems (MIS).

Computer Systems Analyst salary package

Computer Systems Analyst earns different salaries in different departments, but an average salary package is about $88,000 a year. However, experts earn between $65,000 and $110,000 per year.

5. Physician, Doctor, and Surgeon

Physician, Doctor, and Surgeon jobs are titles in the international successful jobs list. They all deal with health issues. They examine patients, get a medical history and check medical tests. Moreover, they are also concerned with diet, preventive measures, and relevant advice. The unemployment ratio of Physicians, Doctors, and Surgeons jobs is just 0.7%. Physician, Doctor, and Surgeon jobs are listed as successful international jobs.


Physicians, doctors, and surgeons have doctors of medicine (M.D.) or doctors of osteopathic medicine (D.O.) degrees. Moreover, these MD degree holders have further specialization in other medical fields.

Physician, Doctor, and Surgeon salary package

The average salary package of these jobs is $ 183,429 per year. However, the highest range of salary for doctors is $ 376,000.