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Learn about QuickBooks

Learn about QuickBooks. QuickBooks is accounting software that provides cloud-based, online, and desktop applications for the processing of bills and the payments of your businesses. Basically, QuickBooks is developed by Intuit, which aims to give businesses conveniences to the user related to all business features. It handles all managing work of a business easily and makes the business easy.

Features of QuickBooks:

The Web-based features of Intuit QuickBooks include:

  • Reconciliation & Online banking
  • Remote Access
  • Electronic payment
  • Mapping
  • Payroll assistance and outsourcing remotely
  • Mail & Microsoft Outlook

Prominent features

The functionalities like electronic funds’ pre-authorization and time tracking options for employees are also an integral part of QuickBooks. A cloud solution called The QuickBooks also has a cloud solution in which user access capitalize on the software with secure login as a subscriber. QuickBooks is a well-known product, used by multinational companies across the globe.

Given the management cost of a business, it is not easy to keep the expenses under check, but QuickBooks makes it easy for all types of businessmen to use it in a cost-effective environment and also easy for naive people to handle and understand. It also gives you prediction reports with the help of which you one can easily under the future trends of the market. QuickBooks gives you the options like creating charts, business plans, invoices, and spreadsheets. The software is well-integrated with other software that is also beneficial for QuickBooks. Its user-friendly interface is very easy and understandable for the new users as well.

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Businesses use QuickBooks:

  • Create and track invoices

The invoices are made easily and the user can even print them and email to his customer. QuickBooks maintains a while record of income and is able to track the expenses and costs of customers that are part of the business. The user can check the invoices and enquire about accounts receivable, overview reports, and aging reports as well.

  • Keep track of bills and expenses

Your bank and credit card accounts are connected to your QuickBooks account due to which your bills and expenses are easily tracked by the software. You can download all of your expenses reports and expenses. You can also check your cash transactions and record in your QuickBooks account hence you can approach your data ad record all the time. Billing and payment facilities are also available. It makes you ensure about payment and residual by reminding you automatically.

  • Print financial statements for your business

Besides managing your inflow and outflow of cash activities, you can print the financial statements that give you the information on which you can predict future business plans and strategies. You can produce the three following basic financial statements in QuickBooks:

  • Report of Balance Sheet
  • Report of Profit and Loss
  • Cash Flows Statement
  • Track employee hours and run payroll

Payroll is a very important area and section of QuickBooks. By wok manually man can do mistakes in calculating paychecks etc, which could cause penalties and employees dissatisfaction. QuickBooks has its own automatic payroll-making function that can calculate and run payroll. QuickBooks makes invoices according to employee working hours and it does it easily by tracking the flow of your payrolls and flow and make invoices easily according to your hours.

QuickBooks allows you to run your payroll as follows:

  • Direct deposit or pay with a check
  • Calculate federal and state payroll taxes automatically
  • Filled payroll tax forms for you
  • E-pay your payroll taxes directly from QuickBooks
  • Track inventory

The quantity and cost of the inventory are easily tracked by QuickBooks. As you sell inventory, The QuickBooks keeps all the reports of your inventory including the cost of your goods, profit, and profit or loss per item as well as a whole. It generates a complete time-wise business report of your inventory in case you sell inventory. All this process of keeping the record of everything of your business from different angles is not easy with the manual process. The product order of your inventory in case of low quantity in terms of reminders is also a good function of QuickBooks.

Is QuickBooks easy to learn?

QuickBooks is quite easy to learn and handle, it is easy compared to other accounting software. Some conventional/traditional users of other accounts’ software may feel a little bit confusing but the manual and help section makes it easy for them to accustom to it easily. Accounting is a different department and not easy to learn for a person having a background other than accounts and finance, but QuickBooks made it easy for all types of users. Our aim is to master our users in using and handling our software whatever sources are available. QuickBooks makes its valuable customers and clients up-to-date with new changes and takes their feedback in improving any services related to client satisfaction. You will find many articles and FAQs about any of your queries related to the software on the QuickBooks’ website.  You will find any answer related to QuickBooks because there is a huge pool of data available on the software and also QuickBooks has a huge community that will help to solve your problem or find suitable answers to your question.

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