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US Government Funded Scholarships

US Government Funded Scholarships

Studying In the United States is a dream shared by billions of people, but most of these remain a dream as studying in the United States is very expensive. As a result, In this Century US universities started multiple International Scholarship programs to assist millions of students. The most famous and student-friendly programs offered by US Government are the Fulbright Foreign Student Program and fellowship program. Below are the details of scholarships funded by the US Government and Universities that carry out these programs.

US Government Funded Scholarship for International Students:

In this blog, I’ll discuss the most popular US Government funded scholarship for International Students. For the last century, the United States is actively working with multiple countries to promote US Culture and economy. The United States government is funding 2 basic scholarship programs which are offering scholarships to thousands of students across the globe. International Students like to apply for these scholarships because they find a lot of learning opportunities in different areas of study.


1. Fulbright US Government Funded Scholarships-Foreign Student Program

From 2001, the Most popular US Government Funded Scholarships for international students. Firstly, this program offers a chance for international graduates, artists, and young professionals to study and do research in the United States. Because of a wide area of study, 160 universities across the United States are offering this scholarship. Secondly, estimated 4000 international students get this scholarship each year. Applicants for this scholarship are processed via US embassies.

Apply: To know in detail about this scholarship opportunity and get enrolment please click here:

2. US Government Funded Scholarships-Fellowship Program

In this program firstly I’ll tell you the area of expertise needed to enroll. If you are an experienced International professional, this Fellowship program is for You. Secondly, this is a 10-monthly non-degree scholarship program. Thirdly and most importantly students from all countries can apply for this US Government-funded scholarship program. This scholarship offers the below programs:

  • Economic Development
  • Finance & banking
  • Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration
  • Technology Policy and Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Communications/Journalism
  • Law and Human Rights
  • Public Health Policy and Management
  • The teaching of English as a Foreign Language

Apply: To apply for this scholarship please contact US Embassy or Binational Full bright commission in your country. If you want to know more about these scholarships programs please go to below link: